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Recently, the operation of waste books has been flat, and the aftermarket trend may improve

release date: Source: zhuochuang information

I. trend review

according to the monitoring data of zhuochuang information, the average price of national waste page paper was 1898smm from May 13 to August 13 news: March 30/ton, a month on month decrease of 4.52%, a year-on-year decrease of 10.21%. Waste page paper as a whole showed a weak and stable trend, with little overall change

II. Cause analysis

coincides with the increase of the overall supply of goods in the market during the summer vacation

affected by public health events. This year's college entrance examination was postponed from June to July, and schools in most parts of China correspondingly entered the peak of the summer vacation in July, which made the vehicle lighter, and the supply of goods in the market increased to a certain extent. However, due to the overall fluctuation and rise in the price of national waste yellow paperboard from May to the first half of July, and the frequent rainy weather this year, this has also created a certain obstacle to the increase in the volume of waste book paper

limited price changes in large-scale enterprises

on the whole, from May 13 to August 13, the price of waste books in large-scale paper enterprises has limited changes, with a maximum increase of 100 per ton, and a minimum decrease of 30 per ton on March 2, when the spot market for steel raw materials rose steadily. 2. Experimental force grading: compared with the market of national waste yellow paperboard, the performance of waste paper can be said to be quite stable

the mentality of operators is different

after the market plunge after the Spring Festival, some sub operators tend to be cautious in their overall operation, or are subject to the restrictions of the site or capital situation. These operators are not very reluctant to sell, basically maintain the mode of "come in and go out", and are not willing to keep a high inventory. Another division, for the future market, has the expectation that the traditional peak season and the reduction of foreign waste are beneficial to the national waste. In addition, the current bottom packaging station has a strong reluctance to sell because of the fierce competition and the high purchase price, which has led to the shrinking of shipping profits

III. outlook

at present, it has entered the final stage of the summer vacation. Some regions reflect that the volume of goods has experienced sluggish growth, and some regions reflect that the supply of University goods has increased slightly. On the whole, with the reduction of holiday time, the new supply of waste books in the market may show a slight decrease in the short term. On the demand side, the market will usher in the Mid Autumn Festival stock stage in the near future, which may stimulate the demand for downstream finished paper in the short term, or form a certain boost to the demand for waste books. Zhuochuang predicts that the medium and short-term waste page paper may show a stable, medium and slightly strong trend

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