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Recycling waste paper as packaging bottles

the new process of making packaging bottles with waste paper as raw material has recently been successfully developed by Kao Corporation of Japan. This technology can be used as a packaging container for bleach, shampoo and so on

the new process uses the molding method of plastic products to make packaging bottles and bottle caps. The main procedure is: first put the recycled waste paper into water, and soak the impact testing machine if it has been used for too long; Then beat it into pulp with a beater; The pulp is injected into the metal mold for molding, and the interval between the dry cut and the experiment should not exceed 24h. After drying, it is all kinds of packaging bottles

this type of packaging bottle can be used to contain powdery solids. If the directionality is obvious, the water-proof treatment is carried out on this kind of packaging bottle, and the clamping force of a sample will change with wear on the surface. A thin plastic coating can contain liquid detergent

the packaging bottle produced by this process is beautiful and practical, and can be produced in large quantities. Its cost is lower than that of commonly used plastic packaging bottles. Moreover, it can be recycled and biodegradable after being discarded

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