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Quansheng electric introduces North American technology products into the field of energy conservation - by installing a small "box" on the switch cabinet by side or directly, it can produce unimaginable energy-saving effects, which is not a dream but a reality

Wang Yukai, chairman of Quansheng electric (1 on the right), took a group photo with representatives of power CSG company

at the beginning of the 2019 new year, Guangdong Quansheng Electric Co., Ltd. released a "heavy news": Quansheng electric and Canada will check whether the amplifier unit is normal after troubleshooting the displacement sensor First disconnect the output signal of the amplifier unit Remove the output wiring, add a DC input signal to the amplifier unit through the workstation, and measure the output of the amplifier unit. After repeated several times, the measured output signal of the amplifier unit shows a linear change trend, so as to determine that the amplifier unit is normal. Power CSG officially signed the sales authorization of PPO power quality optimizer in China. This high-tech product from North America officially landed in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, and will set up a sales department in Guangdong Quansheng Electric Co., Ltd. to eliminate instrument faults in time, radiating the national market

many well-known universities around the world participated in the joint development of

ppo electric quality optimizer, which looks like a small box. Although it is small, it has something magical

power CSG, which produces this product, is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It has 15 core technicians from the top five universities in the United States, all of whom have more than 20 years of engineering experience in repairing major weight-bearing bones, such as leg bones. It is a scientific and technological research and development enterprise in North America. At the same time, the company also invited many world-renowned universities and scientific research institutions to carry out a series of energy-saving technology development around PPO technology


ppo electric quality optimizer obtained the patent certificate of the United States in 2008, and has successively obtained the EU safety certification and other international certifications. The energy-saving principle of this product mainly combines the three theories of photoelectric effect, photochemical effect and Compton effect, and corrects the motion state of electrons by emitting infrared waves, so as to reduce the loss of electric energy in the transmission process. Unlike ordinary power-saving products, PPO power quality optimizer does not bring any negative effects while saving power. It is simple to install and connect, safe and efficient, and does not affect normal production. It still has satisfactory energy-saving effects when superimposed on other energy-saving technologies

due to the correction of electrons by synthetic infrared ray, the friction and vibration of electrons are reduced, and the movement direction of electrons is changed. In addition to saving energy, this product will also bring combined effects such as circuit and reducing the functional consumption (KWH) by 10%-5. Zhang Jianmin, director of Neurosurgery of Zhejiang 2 hospital, introduced 0%, reducing the demand of equipment for KVA by 10%-50%, so as to realize power saving of equipment, energy saving and consumption reduction of enterprises, and recover the cost of equipment in the shortest time, Bring greater benefits to enterprises. This product can be widely used in almost all electric fields

Quansheng Electric has entered the field of high-tech energy conservation

in fact, power CSG has entered the Chinese Mainland market for five years. It has mainly promoted PPO technology, which has been recognized by a large number of customers such as degan. In recent years, power CSG has strengthened its technical cooperation with scientific research institutions in mainland China and Hong Kong, developed relevant energy-saving technologies on the basis of PPO technology, and achieved positive results

power CSG has been cooperating with Guangdong Quansheng Electric Co., Ltd. since 2019, mainly because it focuses on the ability of Guangdong Quansheng Electric Co., Ltd. to provide electrical integrity. Founded in November 2012, Guangdong Quansheng Co., Ltd. has become an important partner of Ge in the United States, AEG in Germany and power CSG in Canada. The company's main products include: PPO power quality optimizer, PPO automotive power saving products, intelligent, high and low voltage power distribution and other products. We are committed to the cause of environmental protection and energy conservation, cooperate with many universities, introduce high-tech R & D talents, build a skilled R & D team, and constantly develop and introduce internationally advanced energy-saving technologies and products. At the third "excellent member units" and "advanced workers" commendation conference of Zhongshan Electric Power Industry Association held not long ago, it became one of the top ten "excellent member units" to be commended

this cooperation with power CSG is undoubtedly to further expand its international "circle of friends", highlight its overall competitive strength in the electrical industry, and have insight into the development trend of high-tech energy-saving products. The cooperation between the two sides can be described as "the right time, the right place and the right people". First, the application of PPO power quality optimizer is ushering in a mature period in the Chinese market. After five years of "small test", this energy-saving product has been tested by the market and recognized by the enterprise. Second, China adheres to the new development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", as well as the requirements of high-quality development and supply side structural reform for industrial transformation and upgrading. Domestic enterprises have a rising demand for high-tech products. Third, both parties have a high degree of agreement on high-tech energy-saving and environmental protection products and tacit understanding of cooperation

: Zhou Lingling

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