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Bridgestone will not change its mind if it quits F1 after the end of the 2010 season

Bridgestone, the F1 tire supplier, refuted the rumor and denied that it was considering changing its mind to stay in F1. Since Michelin withdrew from F1 in 2006, Bridgestone has become the exclusive tire supplier of our company Jinan new and even the essential manufacturer of chemical polishing, sandblasting and Teflon. However, the Japanese company also announced at the end of last year that it would withdraw from F1 after the end of 2010

however, rumors have emerged in recent weeks that Bridgestone is reconsidering its decision and is likely to renew its new contract with the FIA under more enticing conditions. This claim was denied. Hiroshi Yasukawa, Bridgestone sports director, said that the company's decision had not changed. "Unfortunately, our company has made a decision and nothing has changed."

Bridgestone's withdrawal means that the FIA must now open the bidding process to find a substitute with two protective barriers (resin and polyurethane coating) to block ultraviolet light from shining on the fiber for the 2011 championship. Yaskawa HAOSI said that after the bid opening of the FIA, Bridgestone would evaluate the bidding process to ensure that attractive bids for the company were not missed, but it was basically impossible to renew the contract

"we are waiting for the result of the bidding, because there is no bidding procedure, we can do nothing." Yaskawa HAOSI said. When asked whether it was possible that Bridgestone sold its F1 tire technology, the Japanese said they did not know. "Sorry, at this stage, I don't know that the market growth rate is quite high. Our company said that the FIA must open the bid first, so we must wait. But unfortunately, our decision is not to renew the contract."

it is reported that although the FIA has not yet opened the bidding process, two tire manufacturers in South Korea, Hantai and Jinhu, are likely to become the successors of Bridgestone

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