Recycling of the hottest paper industry

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in order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the paper industry, it is necessary to have loading speed tracking. We should improve the selection of raw materials. The most effective and convenient way is to fully recycle and utilize waste paper resources and "recycle"

in the past, most developed countries used waste paper as landfill. Over the past 30 years, this issue has gradually attracted attention. The recovery rate of paper in the United States was 22% in 1970 and 39% in 1992. The U.S. policy encourages and advocates the use of waste paper by administrative means. At present, 13 states have set a minimum standard for paper "recycling"; Paper producers in 15 states have reached "voluntary" recycling standard agreements with the government; 27 states have promulgated regulations on the reduction and exemption of recycling tax to expand new space for industry development, and 23 states have given certain subsidies and loan preferences to enterprises producing recycled paper. 19 build a big data platform for tire products 88 years ago, the United States has nine recycling plants specializing in waste paper, and now it has developed to two shoulder clamps and nine. According to statistics, nearly 50% of the pulp produced in the United States in 2000 was produced by recycling waste paper

at present, Denmark has the largest proportion of waste paper as raw material in the world's paper industry, as high as 97%; 81% in Mexico; 80% in Thailand. These countries recycle waste paper by importing a large amount of waste paper from abroad. Therefore, waste paper trade has also become one of the industries with rapid growth in the past 10 years

the utilization potential of waste paper is great. Now the main sources of recycling are newspapers and magazines, and the utilization rate of scattered paper and paperboard is not high. In developed countries, 40% - 60% of waste paper and paperboard are still landfilled as garbage. To improve the utilization rate of waste paper, we need to improve the awareness of environmental protection and strictly classify it from the collection of garbage. Some experts believe that the effective use of waste paper collection, sorting, recycling, processing, manufacturing and sales can not only increase employment, but also form a thriving industry

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