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Turn waste into treasure recycling of packaging waste

[China Packaging News] on the second low-carbon day in 2014, Jiaxing held a theme exhibition on coping with climate change and comprehensive utilization of resources. At the exhibition, the reuse of resources that turn waste into treasure, as well as the typical low-carbon cases of a large number of parks and enterprises in Jiaxing, received widespread attention from citizens

low carbon economy of turning waste into treasure

at the exhibition, the case of kitchen waste reuse attracted the attention of many citizens. Where did the leftovers on the table and in the kitchen finally go? We have always been curious about how it was handled. Ms. Chen, a citizen, sighed after seeing the exhibition

Jiaxing lvneng waste oil recycling Co., Ltd. is an enterprise responsible for recycling waste cooking oil, and has signed agreements on recycling waste cooking oil with 3000 restaurants in our city. Every day, the oil collectors of the company uniformly recycle kitchen waste at home. After pretreatment, separation of water containing grease, refining and other professional processes, a truck load of stinky gutter oil is transformed into renewable resources such as industrial grease, biodiesel and other chemical raw materials or fuels. The staff of the municipal development and Reform Commission said that the first national pilot project for the resource utilization of kitchen waste in our city was constructed by the company and will be put into trial operation in October this year. The price of kitchen waste is 0.08 ~ 0.13 yuan/piece, and the waste treatment scale can reach 300 tons per day

with the improvement of residents' living standards, the amount of domestic waste is increasing. How to comprehensively utilize glass, waste paper, plastic and other packaging waste has also become a problem to overcome. At present, our city has carried out a pilot project of waste glass bottle recycling system construction

citizens' awareness of environmental protection is increasing. We have recycled about 1 ton of bottles. Rong Yu, a staff member of Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta Institute of circular economy and technology, said that they placed three groups of drop boxes in five pilot districts in the urban area to recycle green, tawny and colorless glass bottles. After reaching a certain number, the bottles will be sent to Zhejiang Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd. for resource reuse. At the same time, in the future, we will also consider recycling waste clothes and continue to explore the recycling of old things

green parks realize recycling

in addition to the reuse of resources that turn waste into treasure, the typical low-carbon cases of a large number of parks and enterprises in Jiaxing in the exhibition also attract attention

how can a building realize the recycling of resources by its coat? In the case display of cecep (Jiaxing) environmental protection technology park, the obstacles in the commercialization and utilization of graphene can be overcome, and many citizens can't help but praise it. It is reported that the park buildings can rely on the collection of sunlight to achieve indoor space lighting by using the soloto pipeline type daylight lighting device. Such a lamp is equivalent to the brightness of four ordinary lamps. Ye Ting, head of cecep (Jiaxing) environmental protection science and Technology Park Development Co., Ltd., said that this technology is constantly being promoted in Jiaxing

water has always been an indispensable resource. If rainwater is stored and utilized, the park will not only save a lot of expenses, but also achieve the purpose of resource reuse. In cecep (Jiaxing) environmental protection technology park, the rainwater recycling and water treatment project has realized the process of directly supplying the rainwater stored in the sump to the park as high-pressure oil from s to C2 for greening

according to China packaging, if you use this technology to irrigate all the green space in the park, do you know? The cost of watering once is only 200 yuan, while the cost of watering with tap water was as high as 4000 yuan. In addition, Xiuzhou Industrial Park, which has just been shortlisted in the first batch of national low-carbon industrial park pilots, is also constantly promoting the application of solar thermal utilization and solar lighting and other engineering projects to maximize the efficiency of solar energy utilization

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