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Reuse of waste steel barrels and safe welding and cutting method one of the most important uses of waste steel barrels is the restructuring of steel extruders as critical processing equipment barrels. There are many forms of restructuring, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Making other products from old barrel steel plates

the old steel barrel is disassembled into three parts by gas cutting, namely, the barrel top, barrel bottom and barrel body, and then the unusable parts are cut off, and the usable parts are cleaned and flattened. The flattening material can be used as the blank plate processed by other products

2. Restructure into steel drums with small capacity

due to the collision in the process of transportation and use, the barrel body often has pits and deformation, and the edge of the barrel body and the top and bottom of the barrel are also deformed, which is difficult to round. In order to use it to manufacture new steel barrels, one method is to cut the top and bottom of the barrel along the curling edge, clean the barrel body and turn it over again, add the new top and bottom of the barrel, and then roll it. The biggest advantage of the electronic data experimental machine is that the steel barrel with greatly improved measurement accuracy is lower in height and smaller in capacity than the old barrel. The top and bottom of the old barrel can be used to make the top and bottom of the steel barrel with smaller diameter, and other products can also be made

3. It can be made into daily necessities with a little modification

put the old steel bucket on the roof as a water storage tank, and weld the water inlet and outlet pipes to make simple tap water; The steel barrel can be cut along the diameter from the barrel body to make a washing basin; Cutting the steel barrel along the axis can be used as a trough for livestock, and it is also used as a bathtub in rural areas; Open a big opening on the top of the barrel, and then weld a valve on the bottom of the barrel, which can be placed on the tricycle as a tool for pulling and storing water; Others use it as a water tank for solar water heaters or showers...

the reuse value of waste steel barrels is very high, but the restructuring process is sometimes complex, and there are often dangers. In China, accidents often occur when steel drums are reformed, mainly combustion and explosion accidents

because the restructuring of steel barrels is generally inseparable from welding and cutting operations, when welding and cutting steel barrels, explosion accidents are often caused by the residual gasoline and flammable gas in the barrels contacting the welding and cutting flames. For some welding and cutting operations of steel drums, measures such as demolition, cleaning and replacement must be taken before welding and cutting operations can be carried out

(I) cleaning, welding and cutting of waste steel barrels

first pour the remaining flammable liquid in the barrel, and then pour caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) aqueous solution into the barrel for cleaning. The consumption of caustic soda is generally 0.5 kg per 200 liter gasoline barrel. When cleaning, 0.5kg caustic soda is used three times. First, pour half of the boiling water into the steel barrel, put a third of the caustic soda, block the mouth and shake the barrel vigorously for half an hour, then pour out the water and wash it three times in a row. Then wash it with clean water for one or two times before welding and cutting. If there is no welding or cutting immediately after cleaning, but it has been stored for a period of time, it must be washed with clean water again for one or two times before welding or cutting. Otherwise, a small amount of gasoline that has not been cleaned will also emit flammable vapor, and an explosion accident will occur, because the explosion limit of gasoline is very low (0.76% - 7%)

(II) replacement welding method of waste steel barrels

first pour out the residual gasoline in the barrel, fill it with nitrogen and other flammable gases, then flush it with air, replace it for two or three times in turn, and then fill it with flammable gases, and then carry out hot work welding. If there is no inert gas, steam can be used instead, but the number of replacement should be appropriately increased

(III) water welding method for waste steel barrels

if the welding repair point of the gasoline barrel is only at the position where the top of the barrel is higher than the steel barrel, you can drain the gasoline, wash it with clean water for one or two times, and then fill the barrel with clean water to prevent the accumulation of flammable vapor in the container. This method is relatively simple, but it has its limitations

when welding any other parts next to the steel barrel, the interior of the steel barrel must be cleaned or filled with water, because during electric welding, not only the welding spark will endanger the safety of the steel barrel, but also the steel barrel will be in a charged state during electric welding, and the connection of the welding wire may produce electric sparks when it is energized

if repair welding is carried out, after the steel barrel is welded, check the weld seam for leakage with clean water in time. If leakage is found, repair welding should be carried out immediately. Otherwise, if leakage is found again after a period of time and repair welding is required, cleaning and other treatment must be carried out again

it is worth noting that some people use old steel drums as boilers, which is extremely dangerous, and there have been many accidents in China. Steel drums are non pressure vessels, which are just ordinary metal packaging. Therefore, when recycling old drums, attention should be paid not to reform and use them in violation of the nature of steel drums

although the equipment and energy used in welding and cutting have certain fire hazards to promote regeneration, modification and high value-added utilization, the occurrence of fire and explosion accidents mainly does not lie in the equipment and energy itself, but most of them are caused by paralysis of mind, improper operation, lax system and ineffective implementation of safety measures in welding and cutting operations. So the key is to pay attention to and prevent. Make safety preparations before operation, strictly follow the procedures during operation, and conduct detailed safety inspection after operation

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