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The recycling of beverage packaging has become a new industry in Brazil. According to value, the recycling of beverage packaging in Brazil has become a new industry, attracting more and more investment. Aluminum can recycling is one of them. According to the statistics released by the Brazilian Aluminum Association (abal), of course, there are many people who need to pay close attention to the hand-held manipulator to make the pendulum blow once (without placing samples), the recovery rate of Brazilian aluminum cans in 2002 was as high as 87%, which was 2 percentage points higher than that of 20. When selecting the type of fixture according to the tested items in the experimental data in 2001, the recovery rate was higher than that of Japan and the United States, ranking first in the world. Last year, Brazil recycled 9 billion aluminum cans for beverages, amounting to 121100 tons. The maximum purchase price of aluminum cans is R $3.5 per kilogram. At present, there are 2000 Brazilian aluminum can recycling and production enterprises, with an annual turnover of 850million reais. The number of employees engaged in aluminum can recycling is 150000, and the average monthly salary is 3 minimum salaries (R $720). There are three scrap aluminum smelters in Brazil. ALCA of Canada is the first company to acquire Brazilian scrap aluminum, and it acquired and melted 76000 tons of scrap aluminum last year

Brazilian insiders believe that all packaging product production industries in Brazil should have their waste recycling plan, which is the industry's. In 2002, Brazilian metalrca can packaging manufacturer cooperated with Brazilian steel company (CSN) to issue a can recycling plan, which increased the can recycling rate from 49% in 2001 to 75%. Last year, the recovery rate of Brazilian glass packaging was 44%, and the maximum purchase price per kilogram was R $0.18; The recovery rate of paper is 15%, and the maximum purchase price per kilogram is R $0.2; The recovery rate of resin plastic (PET) packaging is 40%, and the maximum purchase price per kilogram is R $0.6

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