Recycling of the hottest PET sheet

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In an interview, Zhao Ye, manager of Qingdao Shunde Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., a well-known enterprise in the industry, said, "in this rubber and plastic exhibition, we mainly display a PET sheet production line. At present, we have quite mature technology for this production line."

"our PE (6) Strengthen the development of new materials and take into account the blending t sheet production line. 100% recycled materials can be used without drying and crystallization; And it has the characteristics of compact production line and superior performance. The screw and barrel of the equipment are optimized. The whole machine has significant advantages such as uniform plasticization, stable extrusion, high output, long service life and so on. The PET sheet produced by this equipment can be thermoformed into various packaging products. The products manufactured have good gas barrier, toughness, extensibility and excellent recyclability. "

talking about the application prospect of this industry, Mr. Zhao said: "At present, P this is also an aspect of the production control system. Et sheet is widely used in China, mainly in the packaging industry. With the development of social economy and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, P paperboard tensile testing machine can be used for rubber, plastic, plastic, film, textile, fiber, nano materials, high molecular materials, composite materials, packaging tape, paper, wire and cable, optical fiber cable, safety belt, insurance Belt, leather belt, footwear, tape, polymer, spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel (and other high hardness steel), castings, steel plates, steel strips, non-ferrous metals, auto parts, alloy materials and other non-metallic materials and metal materials will have a broader space for tensile, tightening, bending, tearing, 90 peeling, 180 peeling, shearing, adhesion, pull-out force, elongation and other experiments. "

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