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Recycling express packages at home the express industry accelerates to become "green"

release date: Source: Xinhua

the remaining express boxes after receiving express can be recycled at home in the future. Recently, cainiaolo and major express companies released the "container return plan". The first batch of 1000 recycling containers will be laid at major express delivery points in Shanghai to cultivate the habit of recycling express packaging for citizens

"when you come to pick up the package, please leave the carton and plastic filler in the recycling box at the point. You can pick the carton from the recycling box for free next time." At a Zhongtong express supermarket in Yangpu District, Shanghai, staff member Zhang Qun introduced to residents

this environmental protection measure is being promoted in many express terminal points in Shanghai, which have the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, tensile strength, easy cutting and processing of silver, including the "mother post" of Yuantong, the "neighborhood" of Baishi, etc. Niu Zhijing, the head of rookie green action, said that the rookie alliance established by rookie and major express companies plans to lay 50000 green recycling boxes across the country this year, with Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai taking the lead to promote the green upgrading of the "parcel post area"

laijianfa, executive vice president of Zhongtong express, said: "in the past, express delivery was delivered to the door, but with the rapid growth of express delivery volume and the rapid increase of labor costs, many express companies are cultivating residents' habit of picking up goods at points and stores near the community, which creates favorable conditions for the recycling of express packaging."

"the location of the first batch of recycling bins can be selected according to the size of the order. The larger the order quantity, the more residents you will contact, and the priority is to place recycling bins." Lai Jianfa introduced that the size of the experimental force that Zhongtong's fixtures across the country can accept is a major target of the fixtures. The express delivery point has set up 5000 recycling bins. "At present, the recovery rate of ordinary points is about 20%. Wang Zidong, director of the National 863 electric vehicle major special power battery test center at the University point, told that the current production expansion plan of power battery enterprises shows that the recovery rate is relatively high, which can reach 50%."

China Express Association predicts that China's express business volume will complete 60billion pieces in 2019. "A report shows that the waste packaging of express delivery accounts for 0.85% of the total amount of urban domestic waste in China." Niu Zhijing said. In some large and medium-sized cities, express packaging waste has accounted for 80% of the increment of domestic waste. It is imperative to reduce, green and recycle express packaging

Yu Hongwei, deputy director of Shanghai post administration, said that this year, Shanghai will set up packaging waste recycling devices in 2500 postal express delivery points. At present, guidelines for the classification of express packaging in Shanghai are being developed. The "container return plan" is very consistent with the new garbage classification policy implemented by Shanghai Zheng6 and emergency system inspection

more "green actions" for express waste packaging are also in progress. "At present, the setting up of waste packaging recycling devices at postal express delivery points has been included in the planning of many provinces and cities across the country." Cheng Huizi, senior director of China Express Association, said, "the industry is also constantly improving the utilization rate of electronic waybills, reducing the secondary packaging of e-commerce express, and increasing the utilization rate of express circular transit bags."

taking China Post as an example, it is implementing the "slimming plan" of adhesive tape to reduce the width of adhesive tape without affecting the packaging effect of express mail. Many express companies reduce the amount of packing fillers by using large particle gas fillers instead of small particle fillers

"the 'green' of express delivery cannot be achieved by one enterprise, and the linkage of several leading enterprises provides the possibility. In addition to express companies, the participants in the express industry also include e-commerce, production enterprises and consumers. How to make the whole industrial chain green is the focus of consideration in the future." Cheng Huizi said

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