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Packaging waste recycling will become the focus of the tourism industry. According to the structure and use of equipment, the first environmental protection code of China's tourism hotel industry -- the green hotel standard will be implemented soon. Recently, the China Hotel Association officially released this standard. It is understood that the standard is formulated based on the promotion of green and environmentally friendly hotels in Europe, North America and other developed countries, combined with the characteristics of China's hotel management and the national conditions of China's tourism industry

Han Ming, President of the China Hotel Association, said to: at present, there is no unified and clear standard explanation for green hotels in the world. From the general standard elements, green hotel refers to the use of environmental protection and health concepts, adhere to green packaging management, and advocate green consumption, ecological protection and rational use of resources. At the same time, we should strengthen the recycling management of packaging waste with the greatest efforts and powerful means. Its core content is to strengthen the rational utilization and conservation of resources in the production process on the basis of providing consumers with a green living environment and green catering that meet the requirements of environmental protection and health. Its main characteristics are "safety, health and environmental protection"

it is understood that there are many conditions related to the content of green standards, such as whether the raw materials of agricultural products in the catering provided by the hotel belong to green food, whether rice has been fertilized, whether vegetables contain pesticide residues, whether organic fertilizers are applied, and whether milk is non resistant. It is forbidden to soak aquatic products in fuermalin. Does the room contain toxic formaldehyde volatile gas, phenol or radon emitted by Dali stone. Whether the building materials products meet the environmental protection standards issued by the national competent departments. Whether the laundry is phosphorus free, whether the garbage bag is degradable, whether the packaging of disposable sanitary products such as soap, toothbrush, comb and slippers is recycled, whether the packaging materials should be green and environmental friendly materials and reduced, and plastic foaming packaging is strictly prohibited for fast food, etc

according to the information released by the China Hotel Association, many tourist hotels in China have made many beneficial explorations and achievements in strengthening green and environmental protection management in recent years. For example, some five-star hotels make laundry plans according to the needs of passengers, leaving the clothes that need to be washed to the service personnel with gear transmission and chain transmission, which puts an end to the past practice of changing the bedding every day, whether it is needed or not, and not only saves water and energy, but also reduces sewage discharge. And also make users satisfied. If disposable consumables are not used up, there is no need to add them

president Han Ming pointed out that, like the star standard level adopted by tourist hotels, according to international practice, green hotels will formulate the classification method from one a to five material testing machines according to the enterprise's efforts in providing green services, providing environmental protection facilities and strengthening environmental protection supervision and management. Among them, AAAAA is the highest level. He said that the green hotel standard will take full account of the forward-looking formulation of the standard, taking into account the local economic development level, the implementation of environmental protection policies, social public opinion and consumption habits, and other characteristics, and the formulation of the standard should be adapted to local conditions. Because the standard of green hotel itself is a process of continuous improvement and development, and with the continuous progress of society, new content should be constantly injected. Therefore, the review of brown standards cannot be achieved overnight, and the review rules will be further refined and adjusted

it is reported that at present, the China Hotel Association has begun to accept the evaluation and application of enterprise green hotels. The first stage is to establish a number of green hotel management demonstration stores in various regions, and the listing work will be completed by the end of August; The second batch focuses on the national provincial capital cities and key tourist cities to further expand the influence of green hotels; The third stage is to integrate with the world, realize mutual certification, and establish a good image of China's green hotel in the international tourist market

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