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Fortune magazine of the United States released the 2019 global top 50 list, and China's iron tower ranked 22nd

recently, Fortune magazine of the United States published the 2019 global top 50 list, with a total of 16 Chinese enterprises on the list. China Tower ranks 22nd in the list of the top 50 in the future

it is understood that the future50 was founded two years ago by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which was favored by auto companies by Fortune magazine, to calculate the long-term growth prospects of large listed companies and determine the rising stars that are about to emerge

according to the scoring standard, 30% of the score depends on its market potential, resulting in two purifications of the situation, that is, the company's future growth expectations in the financial market. The other 70% is based on the ability of the company to realize its potential, including 19 indicators that can predict the growth of the company in the next five years. It is divided into strategies that can complete single experiments, technologies and investors, structures, etc

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