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XCMG environmental sanitation products signed another 2.838 million sales orders

Guide: on August 30, with the cooperation with many colleges and universities, the red seal of Wuhu City Appearance administration fell heavily on the environmental sanitation product purchase contract. After more than half a year, the dust of the environmental sanitation large order was settled. XCMG's environmental sanitation products with the car won 2.838 million sales contract orders at one fell swoop, once again defeating the competitors, and good news came. In this Wuhu bidding

on August 30, as the red seal of "Wuhu City Appearance administration" fell heavily on the purchase contract of environmental sanitation products, the dust of the large environmental sanitation order that lasted more than half a year was settled, XCMG won 2.838 million sales contract orders for environmental sanitation products with the vehicle at one fell swoop, which once again caused sheet metal corrosion to defeat competitors

in the bidding process of Wuhu, XCMG vehicle company continuously visited and communicated with customers in the energized state for more than half a year, and conducted in-depth field research on competitors to provide users with the best solutions in chassis model, engine and product selection. At the same time, it invested a lot of energy in the production of bidding documents. Every paragraph of text and every picture were carefully considered, The whole tender was finalized after six repetitions. This time, XCMG environmental sanitation won the bid again in Wuhu, Anhui Province, which represents that the reliability and brand recognition of XCMG products are further rooted in the hearts of the people

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