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Recently, the first set of machine-made gravel "mobile crushing and screening combined equipment" independently developed and produced by XCMG schweiying has been sold in Huizhou, realizing a breakthrough in the complete set of products of XCMG schweiying's new industry and another market breakthrough in the traditional installation service mode

"mobile crushing and screening joint establishment Honda has just launched the newly revised ridgeline truck preparation" is an upstream equipment of the concrete industry, which is mainly used to process sand and stone raw materials, and finally form concrete aggregates through crushing, screening and other processes. It is one of the series products of "complete set of machine-made sand and stone and construction waste resource treatment" of XCMG schweiying's new green environmental protection industry. The complete set mainly includes machine-made sand and gravel production line, crushing station, splitting station and other products. It configures ERP to generate a delivery management system to realize clear responsibilities and rights, and real-time remote management; It has intelligent state monitoring and fault diagnosis technology to ensure the stable operation of the whole system; Fully automated stockyard, low energy consumption, low labor consumption; And according to the raw material conditions of the customer market, the product is customized to provide late guarantee and complete solutions

the successful sales of XCMG schweiying's new industrial products will enrich the local sand and gravel aggregate production forms and provide an intelligent, efficient, green and environmental protection production mode. Inject vitality into the new concrete industry and effectively promote the further transformation and upgrading of XCMG concrete industry

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