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XCMG road machinery · Guangxi station | the only Chinese brand dominating the road machinery market

XCMG road machinery · Guangxi station | the only Chinese brand dominating the road machinery market

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in March, Nanning, the warm, humid and colorful capital of western Guangdong, ushered in an important industry event. XCMG road 2018 high tech product promotion conference (Nanning station) was held here, More than 500 customers from Guangxi Autonomous Region and surrounding areas were invited to attend the ceremony, and "zero distance" felt the world-class quality of XCMG maintenance machinery

it is understood that Guangxi has established the transportation priority development strategy and the overall road layout of "6 horizontal, 7 vertical and 8 branch lines" and "county to county highways". It is accelerating the formation of a modern multimodal transport network connecting the "the Belt and Road" through the coast and the border, and a new international land and sea trade channel organically connecting the "the Belt and Road". It contains huge market value and potential, and not only brings important opportunities for all parties along the line to deepen cooperation and common prosperity, It also provides broad development opportunities for Chinese construction machinery enterprises, especially construction and maintenance machinery enterprises. The holding of XCMG road 2018 high tech product promotion conference also enables more Guangxi users to fully feel the high cost performance and high-quality product services of Chinese brands

Wang Feng, assistant general manager and marketing director of XCMG road machinery division, delivered the golden key to customers. At the meeting, Wang Feng, assistant general manager and marketing director of XCMG road machinery division, delivered a speech. He said that in recent years, XCMG Road Machinery Division has been actively responding to the new normal. The domestic market share of the main products of road rollers, pavers and graders remains the first in the industry, and the sales volume of large tonnage road rollers is the first in the world, In terms of product sales structure, independent core technology, professional focus on construction, user service satisfaction, etc., it has significantly improved, and continues to maintain the first place in China and the top four in the world. The achievement of excellent results cannot be achieved without the strong support of global customers and friends. In the future, XCMG road will continue to make unremitting efforts, continue to create value for our customers and friends, and bring more and better products back to customers

Lei Jingbo, general manager of Guangxi XCMG Machinery Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

Guangxi XCMG was founded in 2005 and is the first-class product operator of XCMG in the southwest region for a number of series products of XCMG. Always committed to the pursuit of excellence, strive to create value for customers, and build a first-class service provider in the construction machinery industry. Branches in Nanning, Liuzhou, Yulin, Guigang, Wuzhou, Guilin, Hezhou, Qinzhou, Beihai, Fangcheng, Baise, Hechi and other cities in Guangxi have formed a sales service network covering all parts of Guangxi, providing reliable and convenient high-quality services for the design of Xu experimental machine host and accessories, which has drawn lessons from the advanced technology engineering group in Shimadzu, Japan. In 2017, the company's turnover exceeded 600million yuan, and its business was further expanded to Yunnan and Hainan. With the increasing development of the company and the expansion of market area, the specialization of business division

Lei Jingbo, general manager of Guangxi XuZhong Machinery Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the meeting. First of all, he thanked all the customer friends who supported the company and adhered to the construction machinery industry for many years. In this process, the greatest harvest has been to forge ahead, harvest excellent teams, harvest customer support, and harvest strong determination to continue to develop! Let's cheer together in the future

Mr. Ye zuke, general manager of Guangxi hongdemao Machinery Co., Ltd., announced the purchase policy

customers were enthusiastic about buying machines at the event

at the event site, lucky draw, golden egg smashing activities and wonderful song and dance performances set off a climax after climax, which made guests feel more than satisfied

on site golden egg smashing activity

lucky user award ceremony

how powerful is the only Chinese brand dominating the road machinery market

look at what the customer says

the customer, Mr. Wang, comes from Yulin, Guangxi. He believes that XCMG road machinery is the first brand in China. The product quality is excellent. The focus is on after-sales service. He devotes himself to the brand and escorts my equipment 24 hours a day, making me worry free for life

I'm in Guangxi, so I have to call for XCMG road machinery

customer Mr. Wang

customer Mr. ou, from Liuzhou, has been engaged in equipment leasing and engineering contracting for many years, and has always been a loyal customer of XCMG roller. He signed two more rollers at this meeting. He firmly believes that the reliability of XCMG road machinery is far superior to other brands, with high cost performance. He must praise this Chinese brand

customer Ou Zong

customer Jiang Zong

Jiang is always the boss of a highway maintenance company in Guangxi. He has worked hard in the road machinery industry for many years. He is very picky about the size of the equipment. The pulse momentum is achieved by adjusting the eccentricity of the eccentric crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, but he is fond of XCMG paver products! He said that last year, he used XCMG paver to carry out oil surface construction in Guizhong, Liuzhou, and all performance indicators far exceeded the requirements of the construction party. He gently picked up the electronic extensometer, which was strongly affirmed and recognized by the local Highway Bureau, completely overturning his understanding of Chinese brands. Since then, only XCMG has been selected as the equipment, and XCMG has also helped President Jiang embark on the road to wealth

exhibition area of XCMG roller products in kind at the event site

exhibition area of XCMG roller products in kind at the event site

exhibition of XCMG grader products in kind at the event site

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