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XCMG self-made bearing type overrunning clutch realizes mass production

XCMG self-made bearing type overrunning clutch realizes mass production

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recently, after half a year of research and development and trial production, the Xoc overrunning clutch produced by XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division has been successfully trial produced, and mass production has been achieved at present. The successful offline of Xoc overrunning clutch represents a significant increase in the annual supply of 2bs315a series planetary gearboxes, injecting new vitality into XCMG's efforts to build world-class core parts of construction machinery

as the overrunning clutch widely used in the planetary gearbox of loaders, it plays a role in improving work efficiency and reducing work. I wish the meeting will be better and better! Strength and improve the traction performance of loaders. However, due to the structural limitations of the overrunning clutch with isolating ring, there are some problems, such as the roller can not work completely synchronously, the spring is easy to fail, and the top pin is easy to get stuck, which will reduce the service life of the planetary transmission. If you need measuring equipment such as spring fatigue testing machine, XCMG's self-made bearing overrunning clutch has the advantages of reasonable structural design, simple manufacturing process, high manufacturing accuracy, strong working reliability, large bearing torque, long service life, and can work for a long time under the torsional vibration load and heavy load of the loader, realizing the complete replacement of the overrunning clutch with isolation ring, It has added strong impetus to the enhancement of XCMG's core strength

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