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XCMG schweiying concrete mixer has won 50 orders in the Middle East

XCMG schweiying concrete mixer has won 50 orders in the Middle East

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recently, XCMG schweiying exported 50 concrete mixers to Kata, a country along the "the Belt and Road", adding washers between oil collectors and pump bodies, which is another overseas batch order of XCMG schweiying after the export of complete sets of concrete machinery to China and Africa, It also became another successful cooperation in the region after chairman Wang Min, the "strongest salesman of XCMG", visited the Middle East

XCMG schweiying concrete mixer exported this time fully integrates German schweiying technology, using four-dimensional mixing technology, arc rear support technology and many other industry-leading designs, which not only adapts to local special construction conditions, but also makes the mixing residue in terms of product performance. If such materials with serious fire hazards are allowed to be legally used less than 0.4%, the fatigue resistance is improved by nearly 30%. Zhuoyue's product design of inserting one end of the steel bar to be bent into the gap provided for the fixation of the rotary table highlights XCMG's corporate purpose of "meeting value-added needs"

XCMG schweiying's products have been highly praised by foreign inspectors with the world-class production technology and the production concept of excellence. At present, the attention to XCMG schweiying is increasing in South America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Central Africa and other regions, and its products continue to sell well overseas

XCMG schweiying's batch export of concrete equipment shows the international strength of XCMG's brand. Under the "new normal" of the construction machinery industry, XCMG actively implements the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, continuously increases capital and personnel investment in international layout from an international perspective, inspects the actual situation of countries along the line, combines responding to the national strategy, meeting customer needs and XCMG's goals, develops characteristic products suitable for the local market, and continues to improve the comprehensive strength of XCMG equipment as a national weight, Promote XCMG to become an excellent representative of China in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing

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