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XCMG road promotes the "gold medal service month for building heavy equipment in a big country" activity

XCMG road promotes the "gold medal service month for building heavy equipment in a big country" activity

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Guide: with the advent of the annual March 15 consumer rights day, the theme activity of XCMG road gold medal service month for building heavy equipment in a big country officially kicked off, adhering to the pursuit of customer touch and providing personal Close to the concept of full life cycle value-added service, XCMG road will launch a series of products with Xu

on the occasion of the annual "March 15" consumer rights day, XCMG road's theme activity of "gold medal service month for building heavy equipment in a big country" officially kicked off. Adhering to the service concept of "pursuing customers' feelings and providing 'intimate, intimate' full life cycle value-added services", XCMG road will launch a series of gold medal service guarantee plans for construction, maintenance and protection machinery with XCMG characteristics, Strive to build XCMG road's exclusive service "Varyag" fleet, set a new benchmark for industry services, and create an upgraded version of XCMG road machinery's characteristic services

31 centers in 8 regions jointly create a gold medal service month

XCMG road actively deployed in the marketing centers in 8 service regions to systematically implement "3.15" linkage services. First, formulate spare parts promotion policies to benefit customers. The eight spare parts centers synchronously increase the spare parts reserve, so that the activities can benefit more customers, such as customers; At the same time, carry out active service, carry out equipment inspection and maintenance for users on site, provide users with five intimate equipment inspections, and solve equipment faults; Train and guide users on the correct use and maintenance of equipment; In addition, the user will be presented with diesel filter, machine filter, safety pin and other maintenance vulnerable parts, and the user will be asked to fill in the "satisfaction questionnaire" on site to collect customers' opinions and suggestions on product improvement and promotion

during the event, XCMG road made targeted service guarantee plans for key customer groups, implemented tour guarantee services for key construction projects, key projects and VIP high-end customers in the region, listened to users' voices, understood XCMG in users' hearts and expectations for XCMG, paid special attention to them with special service guarantee, and made them feel XCMG's "personal and intimate" service

join hands with hundreds of special maintenance stations to ensure service quality at multiple levels

in this "3.15" activity, XCMG road joined hands with hundreds of special maintenance stations to radiate the country with "the same standard and the same strength", and sent service training experts to each special maintenance station for professional training, so as to comprehensively improve the strength of special maintenance stations. At the same time, implement the work of "special personnel, special vehicles and specialization" in the special maintenance station of XCMG Road, raise the requirements of service skills, communication methods, service content and other aspects to a new level, and obtain the trial forgings of the wheel disc through casting, so as to improve the service system, make the service timeliness more reliable, and achieve "when people arrive at the vehicle, tighten it with back nuts". Actively promote the subjective initiative of special maintenance stations, improve the active visit service rate, comprehensively understand the user's use of machines, understand the user's needs, find out the market trend, and better provide professional services for 60% of users

XCMG road has been committed to building a characteristic service brand. In 2014, XCMG road comprehensively improved its service standards through the implementation of service informatization, service accommodation, service mechanization and service regionalization. With the help of this gold medal service month series of activities, XCMG road opened the curtain for the service transformation of XCMG Road, showing the enterprise style of a large country and heavy equipment

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