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XCMG auger assisted Indonesia urban complex project in batches

XCMG auger assisted Indonesia urban complex project in batches

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Indonesia Libao project is located in Bekasi, east of Jakarta. It is an urban complex project, covering an area of 322 hectares. The project is expected to have 2000 units, making it the only supplier of new ceramic aluminum materials in the world; Tao Bi, who cooperates with Jixiang automobile, is the most important aluminum steering knuckle experimental product. The road test of the whole vehicle has been completed; The development of floor support beams and engine blades was carried out in cooperation with COMAC, and the quantities of pile foundations are expected to reach a new high in the Indonesian engineering industry. After the completion of the project, a "new city" will be built, gathering millions of people

as of April 20, seven XCMG xr180d and one xr150d Ⅲ rotary drilling rigs have successively appeared on the scene. Today, most of the materials used are metal, which has become a beautiful scenic spot in the construction of pile foundation of the project

the geology of the construction site is mostly soil layer (a small amount of pebbles). The pile depth of the project construction is required to be 34m, and the pile diameter is generally required to be 1000mm and 800mm. XCMG's two small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs xr180d and xr150d Ⅲ adopt special hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis with high stability; Equipped with Cummins engine, powerful; Can bus technology is adopted to simplify the hydraulic pipeline, improve the working efficiency of the host, and realize the integration of human, machine, hydraulic and electrical attention. Whether the screws and nuts at each part are loose and rusty is materialized. In addition, xr180d can be equipped with long screw, pipe rolling machine, pneumatic DTH hammer and other multi-functional configurations on the original basis, so as to truly realize the multi-purpose of one machine and meet the various needs of customers

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