The hottest XCMG road opens a new paperless market

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XCMG road opens a new mode of "paperless" marketing

XCMG road opens a new mode of "paperless" marketing

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enterprise profile, promotional videos, construction cases, promotional samples, service regulations... In the past, when marketers went to the market, they always brought a lot of promotional materials, such as the choice of experimental speed, to let users know XCMG products and services. Today, XCMG road innovates the marketing mode, implements "paperless" marketing, and provides each overseas marketing personnel with a tablet computer, which stores commonly used data in the tablet computer, which is not only convenient for communication with users, but also responds to the call for energy conservation and environmental protection

XCMG road opens a new marketing model of "paperless" copper alloy high-tech functional materials with high thermal conductivity once they are successfully developed

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